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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.3

Short description: This script allows you to use airsupport in your missions.

Date: 2010-03-10 10:35

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Air Support


I made this for friends but since there is a lack for good air support scripts in ARMA 2 I thought I would release this for the mean time. (C'mon Mando!)

I also have done this in a way that isn't the elementary spawn a bomb over the target. A plane will fly over target and a bomb will have a calculated trajectory to fall to target. (Side note: the in-game world has a gravitational constant of 2 m/s, about that of the Moon , so bombs fall slowly)

Included is a JDAM option, (bomb falls to marked target), LGB (laser guided), CBU AP (an anti-personnel cluster bomb), and CBU AT (an anti-tank cluster bomb). As well as helicopters. These options can come in any combination can be removed or added to fit the mission editors preference (see readme). The radio messages are in a stringtable.csv so it can be easily changed out of english if someone wants.

Also, its only for west, that could be something I'll change in a future release.

Read the included readme for a detailed explanation how to use these scripts in your own missions.

Known issues:
- When using ACE 2, some aircraft that get spawned will just fly in circles, this is largely dependent upon the location of the "ASpad". Mission makers should thoroughly test each support option to make sure this won't happen. For some options this happens while others it doesn't, even though the code that spawns them and gives them waypoints is identical. For best results put in an open flat location, like the ocean.

Special thanks to all the testers and advisors on the BI forums.

- Fixed Transport option
- MP Dedicated addaction setup by default
- OA Standalone options made easier
- Afixing options to a vehicle made easier

- East helicopters won't attack each other.
- New CAS option (Cannon, Rocket, AGM).
- New CBU Mine dispenser option.
- New helicopter transport option. (script written by lawndartleo)
- Updated French messages. (translations by Fleepee)
- Updated Russian messages. (translations by Dead Kennedy)
- Updated German messages. (translations by MemphisBelle)
- Changed stringtable.csv to .xml format. (taught by MemphisBelle)
- Various performance tweaks.

- Can change type of aircraft and pilots used more easily
- Auto detects players side and gives appropriate units
- Aircraft spawn more efficiently so they don't have to have VTOL
- Target location asked everytime the script is called upon
- Multi-lingual radio messages in German, Russian, Spanish, and French
- Fixed cbuap = false in airSupInit
- Bomb guidance greatly improved, now falls at 9.8 m/s^2 with no air friction
- Can now set number of support requests allowed
- Script will continue if aircraft is shot down prior to bomb release
- If helicopter gunner dies the pilot will return
- MP compatable for dedicated servers

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