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Short description: All soundtracks from OFP (CWC + Resistance).

Date: 2009-11-21 19:26

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Operation Flashpoint OST (CWC + Resistance)
Bohemia Interactive Studio

Here's full original soundtrack from Operation Flashpoint (Cold War Crisis + Resistance).
All files are in .OGG format and were extracted from the game, so you can use it in ArmA 2.

Sounds usage in missions:
Put the .ogg files into your player-created mission's folder (generally found in My Documents/Arma 2 Other Profiles/Your name/Missions)

First make a " sound " folder (without Quotes)

Now make a text document. Name it "description.ext"(again with out Quotes)& Save it (Windows by default hides the file extension so it might actually be called Description.ext.txt - which won't be read by the game. You can turn this off by going to Tools - Folder Options and turning the "Hide extensions for known file types" option off.)
Put this in at the beginning
class CfgSounds
	// List of sounds (.ogg files without the .ogg extension)
	sounds[] = {OFPMainTheme01};

	// Definition for each sound
	class OFPMainTheme01
		name = "OFPMainTheme01.ogg"; // Name for mission editor
		sound[] = {\sound\OFPMainTheme01.ogg, 1, 1.0};
		titles[] = {	};
now go in-game create a trigger/waypoint and "on Activation" type playSound "OFPMainTheme01" (WITH quotes this time)

Credits & thanks:
Bohemia Interactive Studio

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