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Requirements: Everon, FDF Podagorsk, Isla Duala, Island Panthera, Japahto, Quesh-kibrul, Celle, Namalsk, Jade Groove
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Version: Beta 8.0

Date: 2010-06-02 07:20

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Virtual TrainingSpace 3.5 - ACE
Gonza & L'etranger

VTS allow the Game master to create multiplayer cooperative missions in real time (players connected). with a lot of short cuts to make it quickly
You don't need to know anything in scripting or mission editing
it's really easy to use and intuitive, you can spawn everything on the map just in 2 clicks
You can play in MP or SP (very good to test new islands, vehicles or to use Arma in Role play with friends)

It's a quick guide on Real-time method
Start the mission and chose “Computer” with the middle mouse button or press T (teamswitch key by default)
Click on real time

When you start the mission there is nothing on the island (only some vehicle at your base)

You can place objects, vehicle, men, groups, statics with a computer interface

this is the Game master computer (really easy to use 5 Mn to understand how it work)

-Compatible vanilla ARMA 2
-Else Full ACE II support
-Support Players versus Players operations
-Support up to 105 players
-Support ACE-X
-Support ACE-PLA
-Using ACE II functions if detected
-All Arma II side are now playable (West,East,Guer,Civ)
-New mission parameters to setup side's alliances (West allied with East etc...)
-Moveable respawn/Startpoint for each side
-Added support for factions configs (it's now intuitive and quick to add units vehicles group or new
- Mission Start on Carrier
- All Arma and ACE units available (thanks to Sekra)
- Possibility to take control of all units (just by a click on map) (like in matrix !!)
- Possibility to join any units between them (just by 2 clicks on map (Source and target))
- Game master can delete any units (just by a click on map (50 M or 500 M radius))
- Game master can start music from a list
- Game master can change Game colours (stalker ambiance)
- reassign order to any unit on map
- order units or groups to get in a vehicle (just in 2 click)
- Game Master can launch Ace nuke anywhere
- Camera 3d improvements
- Interface speed improved
- first page removed
- Teleport any groups or vehicle
- 3D teleport (objects,players,vehicles...anythings)
- @Ace lifter, fast rope...
- Lot of fix

Place the pbo(s) file(s) in your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.


To place the something (vehicles, groups, men, objects...):
-chose it setting
-click on preview If you want (preview button will show you the selected unit during 3 sec)
-click on the “2D” or “3D” button
-click on map where you want to see it spawn

Unit settings:
1 – Side of the Unit to place (Blufor, Opfor, Civilian...)
2 – Team of the Unit
3 – Type of the unit (Men, vehicle, static)
4 – Unit
5 – Behaviour
6 – Speed
7 – Movement
8 – Skill
9 – Direction

With that button you can set what will the unit do after spawn on the map
1-Nothing >1 click on map > the unit will stay at the same place until that it see a enemy
2-Go to Objective > not used in Real time mod
3-Go insertion > not used in Real time mod
4-Go to Game Master >1 click on map > the unit will move to the game master
5-Guard >1 click on map > the unit will randomly move around it insertion point (50 M)
6-Circle >1 click on map > the unit will circle around it insertion point (300 M)
7-Large patrol >1 click on map > the unit will randomly move on a large area
8-Go to a point on map >2 click on map > the unit will spawn at the firts point and go to the second point
9-Patrol between 2 points >2 click on map > the unit will move between 2 points
10-Put on Master > only for men > the unit will appear at the master place after 4 seconds (same direction (great to place units in buildings)
11-Follow Mark1 >1 click on map > the unit will follow the mark1 (you can move mark1 , the unit will continue to follow it)
12-Get in > 1 click on map > the unit will get in the nearest vehicle
13-Get Out > 1 click on map > order to all crew of the nearest vehicle to get out (only use with apply orders on map)

Others stuffs:
apply order on map > reassign the movement (7) selected to the nearest unit or group on map
Del (50M) > delete all units in a 50 M radius
Del (500M) > delete all units in a 500 M radius
Join > allow the GM to make a join on any unit on map (click near the source unit then click in the target (if you click on target the source unit will receive an unjoin command) (very useful to create convoy for example)
Take control > this button allow the GM to take control of any unit on map (just click on button and click near the unit that you want to take control)
Teleport everyone > click on OK and click on the map where you want see every players connected appear
Teleport > same as Teleport but with only 1 player (click on OK then click on the map)
Call Chopper > Call the evac chopper (click on OK then click on the map)
Fill interior... > put (side selected) units randomly in buildings (in a 100 M radius)
Add objective marker > just add a marker objective
Objective completed > just put the message “objective completed” on the screen of any players
End mission > finish the mission

Change log:
- added Bis module commander (really useful and easy)
- fix 3d placement when not on dedicated server
- music listen on the GM before broadcast

- Added a system to play any unit of your side (go to a tent and select one of the available player unit class)
- Added a simple system to leave team or regroup with any players of your side. (In Communication menu (0-8)
- Added mission parameters to turn off group modification and class change.
- Added support for Bundeswehrs mod units
- Added support for Hexagone mod units
- Added support for Undead mod units

Credits & Thanks:
By Gonza and L'etranger from Grimm's original work
thanks to Norrin and Sekra for Help

Forums Topic:
- BI forums

- Everon (not in this version)
- FDF Podagorsk
- Isla Duala
- Island Panthera
- Japahto (not in this version)
- Quesh-kibrul
- Celle (not in this version)
- Namalsk (not in this version)
- Jade Groove

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