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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.10
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

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Date: 2010-04-03 15:28

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Italian Special operation units

This addon is a retexture of Arma2 Force Recon assault rifleman , grenadier , and few other FR units meant to rapresent Italian Special Operation Forces in all the different camouflages actually used by Italian SOF, rapresented by :
    - SOF Ranger(Vegetata): for temperate environment.
    - SOF Ranger(Desert): for desert environment.
    - SF(Multiland): for both desert and temperate environments.
    - SF Light Gear Recon units: same as SF but in lightweight gear.
    - SF/SOF(Winter): for snow covered environment.
    - SF Ghillie sniper\recon units: in desert , temperate and winter camos.
    - GIS: MP Special Forces in CQB nomex suite.
    - NOCS: Police HRT in CQB nomex suite
    - GOI(Wood/Multicam): Navy Special Forces in woodland and multicam camo.
    - Support Units : Italian pilot and crew
As we always recommend use modfolders.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

ACE2 files Installation:
- file: "mas_ita_spec_ACE2_cfg_repl.pbo"
You can use the OPTIONAL ACE2 CONFIG that you'll find in the "ACE2 config" folder that replace IT SF weapons with the ACEX ones, and add some of the great ACE2 stuff (like gasmask, balaclavas, ecc...), this way my IT SF classes will be automatically replaced.

- file: "mas_ita_spec_ACE2_new_cfg.pbo"
If you have problems using the previous file, look inside "ACE2 congif >>> backup ACE config (new classes) " : there you'll find another replacement file that instead of overwriting my IT SF classes, create new ones ( BLUFOR>>> Italian SOF ACE) using ACEX weapons and equipment (same as above).

both files are SIGNED, choose the best solution for you, BUT REMEMBER TO USE ONLY ONE AT A TIME!!!

Replacement files Installation:
In the folder "replacement files" you'll find 3 different replacement, one replace only the force recon units with the Italian ones, the other 2 replacement replace all the USMC units with Italian models, you can choose to use the Woodland (vegetata) or the Desert one.


Included .pbo files:

Thanks & Credits:
Thanks to BI for the great game and to all the community for their great support and addons!
Many thanks to Aelin for the support and the nice suggestions!
Many thanks to Caprera that supported me a lot giving me a lot of RL italian SOF pics as references!
Many thanks to Rubberkite that supported me a lot spotting problems and helping me in bugsolving and testing!
Thanks to Dimitri_Harkov that put me on right direction on solving RPT issue.
Thanks to all the people that enjoied the units and supported me in the forum!

- Totally redone “multicam” textures
- Fixed ghillie spotter textures
- Added multicam combat shirts

- Added a new retextured FR model for light recon.
- Fixed desert crew texture.
- Fixed ACE2 optional configs.

- Fixed "multicam" light recon units textures.
- Fixed "vegetata" textures.
- Crews now come in "desert" and "vegetata" uniforms.
- Added an ACE2 optional config file (to be used only with ACEX).
- Added another replacement file for "desert" environment islands.

- Added new Ghillie recon\sniper units in Woodland, Desert and Winter camos.
- Added Pilot and Crew .
- Added more unit classes(standard rifleman and grenadier, sapper, disarmed units, ecc...).
- Added 2 NEW REPLACEMENT files that replace standard BI USMC and Force Recon models with the Italian ones (Use only one at time).
- Fixed Italian flag and patches on the wrong arm.
- Optimized other units' textures.

- Added new NOCS class, rapresenting Italian Police Hostage Rescue Team.
- Totally reworked SF "multiland" uniforms textures.
- Updated and improved some other units' uniforms textures.

- Totally reworked SOF Ranger "vegetata" temperate and desert uniforms textures.
- Totally reworked Navy SF "multicam" and revisited woodland uniforms textures.
- Totally reworked SF "multiland" uniforms textures.
- Updated and improved all the other units' uniforms textures.
- Updated and improved unit types and gear, without changing class-names (for mix maker).
- Updated and improved groups , without changing class-names (for mix maker).
- Added "ghillie" snipers and spotter using standard Arma2 models.
- Team leader has now medical ability (gameplay).

- Totally reworked SOF Ranger "vegetata" temperate and desert uniforms textures.
- Reworked Navy SF "multicam" and woodland uniforms textures.
- Updated and improved all the other units' uniforms textures.
- Added a model without hat in SF Light recon units.
- SOLVED: issue causing change of texture in Low Resolution LODs, now the units keep their texture also at FAR distances.

- Totally reworked "multicam" and "multiland" textures.
- Updated all the other textures.
- and of course updated signature too.

- uploaded wrong version

- Added GOI (navy SF) in "multicam" uniforms.
- Added mask faces for all the classes.
- Improved "multiland" texture (now close to real life camo).
- Improved GIS textures (more dark blue).
- Improved temperate "vegetata" textures (now close to real life camo).
- Improved winter "vegetata" textures with dedicated faces and hood(white).

- Solved RPT issue due to cfg identities: No more RPT Errors!...thanks to Rubbrkite and Dimitri_Harkov.
- Little texture improvement (I'm slowly learning :) ).
- Modified class name "vegecam", corrected to "multiland"..thanks to Spartan117
- Added 3 new classes : SF Light Recon, GIS and GOI ... thanks to Aelin suggestion.
- Some units are wearing FR tactical glasses now (intentionally not on all units, it's not a bug).
- Checked Wound texture: 100% working (vanilla FR wound textures).
- Tested in vannilla game and ACE2 and no problems found, running well on both (no kind of overwriting in units config ).
- Signed addon with my ofpec tag.

- Initial release

Forum topic:
- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

- Advanced Combat Environment 2 - eXtras (only required if you wish to use the ACE2 replacement)

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