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Version: 1.0

Date: 2007-03-05 16:28

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ECL map pack

Check out this forum topic to read more information about this map pack.

European Combat League are starting the Armed Assault era with the First Fight tournament. This tournament will give teams a chance to try out our new maps in a competitive environment; Our C&H, CTF and Combi map types will all be played. Teams should be able to field between 7 and 17 players, because of the size and make up of the maps.

Subscription for the tournament, will open on March 3rd, and closes March 17th. The tournament will start on March 18th, one round will be played each week there after. The tournament is based on a simple elimination system, the winner of each round continues to the next round. We'd like to see at least 10 teams to play four or more rounds.

To help teams familiarise themselves with the maps, the ECL map pack is currently available for download here. So try out our maps, and if you want to join the tournament, register your team at ECL!

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