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Requirements: Group Link 4 Special FX Edition

Version: 1.1.77

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Date: 2010-02-19 23:14

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Group Link 4 Special FX Edition patch

This updates your Group Link 4 Special FX Edition to version 1.1.17

Download the latest ( Full ) version of Group Link 4 Special FX Edition v.1.1.75 (see below)
Overwrite the GL4_System.pbo v.1.1.75 with the GL4_System.pbo v.1.1.77

Always use mod folders with custom addons!
If you don't know how to make and use modfolders have a look in our FAQ.

Included files:

Added: Settings to ( UserConfig\GL4\GL4_Global.sqf ) to define enemy A.I. ranks which are allowed to request artillery.
Fixed: "High Command Reinforcement" script error.
Fixed: "GL4_Skill_Types.sqf" settings script error.
Added: Settings to ( UserConfig\GL4\GL4_Global.sqf ) to set different enemy A.I. "Reinforcement Request" distances for specific vehicle types [ ["Man", 3000], ["Car", 7000], ["Tank", 10000], ["Air", 30000], ["Ship", 30000] ].
Fixed: "Skill Types" script error.
Enhanced: A.I. will try to get out of the "Backblast" angle.
Re-Wrote: Players will no longer start burning if too close to a burning camp fire.
Enhanced: You can "Force Move" units of your group to specific positions via Map - Click.
Re-Wrote: Large parts of the "Force Move" feature into functions.
Added: Dialog to the "Force Move" feature.
Enhanced: "H.Q. Radio" is only available if more the 1 unit is in a player group.
Changed: "Default Markers" with "Millitary Markers".
Added: 3D group markers to all "High Command" features. Special thanks to Karel Moricky ( Author of B.I.S. H.C. ) where i could see how to create them.
Fixed: "RscMiniMap" entry in .rpt.
Fixed: "Reinforcement High Command" position bug.
Enhanced: All "High Command" features which use Map - Click do only open the "Mini Map" if the main map is not open.
Fixed: "Helicopter High Command" bugs. Hopefully...
Fixed: "High Command" default initialize.
Re-Wrote: Only units of the original player group and/or recruited units can be ordered to "Force Move".

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