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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.0
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: SWISS ARMORY Ported from Arma 1 and more or less Totaly Reworked for ArmA 2

Date: 2009-12-25 23:52

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SWM Swiss Armory
SWM_Darkgiver & SWM_HD_Läppli

SWISS ARMORY Ported from Arma 1 and more or less Totaly Reworked for ArmA 2
(3d-Models,Textures:_co,_nohq,_as, _smdi. new Arma 2 .rvmats added.

Major Features:
- A full range of 59 weapons that cover all the needs on modern battlefield.
- High detailed models with normal map, specular map and shadows.
- High detailed iron-sight optics with enhanced models
- Customs full screen optics (Acog, Leupold, Hensoldt, kern, ...)
- Working mildot optics (To calculate range...)
- Grenade launcher optics
- Transparents magazines for sg55x with animated bullets
- Fully Animated weapons (magazine, bolt, pistol slide, mg ammo...)
- Realistic custom ammo (Swiss GP90, Swiss GP11, 9mm LUGER, 338 Lapua, 50 BGM...)
- Realistic balistic
- Working 3D laser red dot
- Bright night optics
- heavy sniper explosive ammo
- Accurate inventory pictures with descriptions, short descriptions
- binocular with working artillery reticle

- Binocular moved to the SWM_Misc. this addon include some specific change..
- default grenade are now swiss Ruag PEARL grenade (with new graphic)
- defaut 40mm grenade replaced with swiss one. (with new graphic)

As we always recommend use modfolders.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included .pbo files:

Thanks & Credits:
Thanks to all member of the BIS community for help and advices.

Special thank :
Bis for my favorite war simutaion
Foxhound ( for hosting our Website
Darkgiver for develop the Weapons for Arma1 and for teach me a lot about Arma modding.
tpM for providing sounds that inspirate Darkgiver for the actual ones.
McDaniel for the photos of his personal SG552
Solus for his discoveries about the animations
BW-MOD for using the hand anim for the Panzerfaust (Developer: da12thmonkey)

And all others

Forum topic:
- BI forums
-switzerland-mod forums

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