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Requirements: F-16 Fighting Falcon

Version: 1.0
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Date: 2009-12-26 07:38

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RNZAF F-16C Falcon

Bit of a fictional what if paint as back in 1998 the National led govt ordered 28 embargoed pakistani F-16s to replace our beloved subsonic A-4K Skyhawks but back in 2002 with a govt change to uncle Helens regime it was decided to cancel the order of F-16s and disband the remaining strike squadrons left in the RNZAF.
If the aircraft would have been delivered, they would have been operated by 75 Squadron at Ohakea and No. 2 Squadron, which is a detachment based at Nowra, NSW in Australia providing air attack training for the Australian Navy.
The Scheeme ive done up is based widely on the skyhawk's scheeme

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Included .pbo files:

Credits & thanks:
Footmunch, for the F-16C ported to ARMA 2 by [GLT]MYKE
Snake Man for optimized MLOD (more lowres LOD's)
eddyD for awesome new textures (awesome work as usual, mate)
modEmMaik for lowpoly Shadow LOD and advices when i needed them
zGuba for config tweakings in the ArmA 1 version (i guess most of them are still in and unchanged)
Eble for the AIM-9L and AIM-120 AMRAAM models incl. Textures.
Maddmatt for the flarescript (taken from ArmA 2 .pbo's)
Some code fragments taken from Franze's F/A18 missile spoof script
Sounds taken from: and
BIS for a awesome game as usual.
NZDF CRASH for RNZAF Paint Scheeme

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