Author: [ASA]ODEN
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Requirements: Island Panthera, Sbrodj, FDF Podagorsk, Celle, Isla Duala, CAA1 project
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Version: 1.05k

Date: 2010-03-05 05:17

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Oden Warfare Pack

Oden Warfare Pack consists of 3 sets of 5 missions allowing you to play Warfare on 5 different maps.

Blocks ACE (to avoid error messages for others when they respawn, and whatever that brings)
Blocks player rejoining opposing side
Blocks kill messages (hints)
Artillery Radar (built at base detects and marks enemy arty firing, mapmarker 'R')
Call airsupport (max 3 each side spawned at altitude with ai pilot, $3500)
Buy AI Mortar (Light) or Artillery (Heavy) and use all kinds of muntion via userActions
Range circles on map when requesting fire mission (red is minimum range)
Reallocate mobile artillery (userAction)
AI build and share arty battery at captured town
AI conducts counter battery fire if in range
AI requests airsupport
Camp guards generated for initial owner and when capture town (unless >100 groups for that side)
Camp guards surrender when town falls to enemy
Buy Vehicle with populated turrets (avoid BMP-3 now :-))
Buy Unit/Vehicle at depots (any available at base)
Not allowed to buy Unit/Vehicle at depot when enemy is nearby (100m)
userActions updated when entering vehicle
"Group respawn" in teammates within 200m
Action music when killed
Camp bunkersign -> flag
Camp Capture in vehicle (crew and cargo counts too) incl. progressbar
Capture Camp bounty at assigned town incr. from 150 to 400
Capture Town assist.bounty at assigned town incr. from 375 to 1000
Capture Town bounty at assigned town incr. from 750 to 2000
FastTravel excl. airborne units
FastTravel into town with enemies within some 300m is blocked
Player set map pos upon join
Groups setGroupId (1st Plt. Bravo Squad etc.)
Groups MARTA icon depending on kind of vehicle leader is in (not what role assigned)
Fasttime with weather
Dynamic weather
VoteTime reduced to 20 seconds
"TitleText" in bottom screen
EAST renamed "Russian 3rd Army" (Cold Warfare) "Chedakis" (Civil Warfare)
WEST renamed "US Marines (Cold Warfare) "CDF" (Civil Warfare)

Extract the .pbo file(s)to your ArmA2\Missions folder for SP or to ArmA2\MPMissions for MP.

There are 3 options available to player in "vote":
    * Cold Warfare - US Marines versus Russian 3rd Army
    * Civil Warfare - CDF versus Chedakis
    * Oden Warfare - Swedish Army vs Russian 3rd Army (needs @Oden 1.7)
Change log:
- Added 2 News Reporter Teams giving 4 civilian slots.
- When within 500m of a town being captured you are the one reporting those breaking news

- Added the new "Celle" map and took some time to add a server option for blocking ACE or not
- Support singleplayer
- Added a feature to have BIS nice music in background - toggle in options when/if you get annoyed from it.
- Singleplayer adds a "Save Game" useraction, allows "Fast Time" toggle in options and has no ACE block.

Forum Topics
- BI Forums

- Island Panthera
- Sbrodj
- FDF Podagorsk
- Celle
- Isla Duala
- CAA1 project
- @Oden Addons (optional, only required for Swedish Army vs Russian 3rd Army version)

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