WIP report - F-16C
Work in progress

Myke released video on our forums showing the updated version of the F-16C.

- [FIXED] Couldn't eject with ACE2
- [ADDED] ACE2 Ejection seat system fully integrated
- [TWEAK] Built-in countermeasure system can be disabled
- [ADDED] Full support for MMA countermeasure system
- [ADDED] Full support for RKSL countermeasure system
- [IMPROVEMENT] Cockpit texture reworked
- [ADDED] Cockpit MFD's now can be set up with custom texture/screen
- [ADDED] MFD's show boot up sequence when powering on

You can post your feedback in the F-16C topic.

Written on 2009-12-28 18:18 by Myke  

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