Author: Blakeace
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.1

Short description: Alters the skill level of AT soldiers while using AT only.

Date: 2010-01-05 17:03

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AT Adjust

This will just adjust the skill level of the default opfor when placed in via the editor. It will not adjust the levels of other units if they scrounge an AT weapon off another dead unit. I have also included the Metis guided AT unit in this as well. It is still deadly once locked on, but will slow the initial time taken for the unit to get the lock.

Note this only alters their skill values while using their AT weapons. When they switch back to their normal rifles their original values are restored.

So what the results is, the AT ai take longer to aim. Give armour and supporting infantry in a mech infantry unit more time to react to the threat. At longer ranges it means there is less chance the ai will score a direct hit. At closer ranges, slower or stationary targets are more likely to sustain direct hits.

For a player armour crews it means more enjoyment from reacting to near misses, rather than constant hits.

Place the scripts in your mission folder, remebering to retain the folder structure ie the scripts should reside in the AT_Adj folder.

Then place in your init.sqf file in your mission folder:
null = execVM "AT_Adj\AT_init.sqf";

Units Altered:


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