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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 2

Version: 0.8

Short description: This is a script pack that you can use in your single-player missions or co-op/multi-player missions with some preset functions.

Date: 2010-01-04 14:44

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LK Script Pack

This is a script pack that you can use in your single-player missions or co-op/multi-player missions with some preset functions.

- Constructions
- Predator
- Infantry recruiting
- Paratroopers drop
- Real Artillery
- Ammo/Vehicles Drop
- Tomahawk missile
- Nuclear Bomb

There are some parameters where you can change to ace 2 features or script values.

LK Script pack description:
    -Fob Deployment
      the commander can request a LAV HQ and deploy a base anywhere on the map.
      if you use the respawn parameter, the base will act as a respawning point to.
      the "fob" or "base" will be created at the hq vehicle complete with defenses, fortifications and a guard squad.
      after you deploy the fob you will have access to all commander features
      you can decamp the fob and redeploy at another location.
      if the LAV hq is destroyed then the commander needs to request another hq vehicle, same for the deployed hq.
      when the fob is deployed you will have access to the construction interface
      the construction interface gives you access to:
      ammo crates, air assets, wheeled vehicles, armor, static defenses,fortification
      additionally if you state in the parameters you will have access to ACE 2 ammo crates
      you will also have access to some custom buildings, each with special features.
    -UAV-Predator Terminal
      this building will give you access to the predator drone armed with missiles.
      you need to launch it and then you can access it.
      after you are done using it, you can dismiss it.
      all west side can use the uav terminal.
    -Supplies helipad
      the supplies helipad activates the supplies route for your fob and sends in a helicopter to deliver supplies and money for your needs
      if the helicopter is shot down, you will not get supplies but another helicopter will be assigned to deliver your supplies
      when this building is constructed, you or anyone else can recruit a infantry squad from it with some cost on your money supplies.
      there is no limit on how many units you can recruit.
      with the cost of some supplies you can request a tomahawk missile strike.
    -Real Artillery
      when you deploy the artillery building you will get 4 m119 artillery guns.
      at the artillery control panel you can request all kind of fire missions.
      on the control panel you can buy a 3 MLRS squad that will join your command trough the commander interface
      after you buy the mlrs squad you can request fire missions from the control panel.
      when asking for this support a c130 will make a paratroopers drop at designated location
      after the drop the squad will come in on your command trough the commander interface.
      when all units are dead you can request this support again.
    -Supply drop
      when asking for a supply drop a c130 will drop 3 ammo crates to designated location.
      basic ammunition, special weapons and us launchers
      if you state in the parameters you can get the ACE 2 ammo crates
    -Vehicles drop
      this feature will drop 3 vehicles at designated location.
      1 Humvee, 1 Lav25 and 1 M1A1
      if you state in the parameters you can get the ACE 2 vehicles: 1 ATV,1 Bradley,1 M1A1.
    -Nuclear Bomb
      as a commander you will have access to a nuclear strike
      the nuclear bomb destructive range is 1000 m in Arma 2 so be sure to keep your distance.1000+
      the nuclear strike full range is 1500 m.
      after the explosion there will be some whether changes, ash and other effects.
      there will be a Radiation zone within 1000 m form the strike
      there are some parameters that you can change for the nuclear strike.
1. Copy lk folder to your mission Folder
2. Copy/(edit yours) Description.ext
3. Copy/(edit yours) init.sqf
4. go in game editor and place a unit and name it "lkcom"
5. Change parameters form init.sqf to suit your needs


- Advanced Combat Environment 2

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