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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core,

Version: 1.04
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

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Date: 2010-04-10 13:17

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Jackal326 and SafetyCatch

The SJB SAS Pack v1.031 contains Special Air Service (SAS) operators in both Patrol Kit and Assault Kit with the requisite camouflages for use in both temperate woodland and arid region environments. The pack now also includes Special Boat Service (SBS) units in generic civilian clothing, as well as Special Forces Support Group (SFSG) units in Multicam. These units are high fidelity representations of modern SAS operators circa 2006-present, using equipment sourced from photographs and information proprietary to the SJB mod team. Currently the units are equipped with BIS weaponry. Later versions of the pack will make use of the upcoming SJB Weapons Packs which will include weapons such as the L119A1 (Diemaco SFW) intended for use with the SJB SAS Pack.

In order to pre-empt some misplaced analysis from the community, the mod team wishes to make clear the following:

Since the collaboration of Coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan it has not been uncommon for military personnel, including Special Forces, from the
United Kingdom and the United States, to cooperate closely during operations. Various uniform components of other nations may be worn by UKSF for a variety of reasons during these operations. Some of these reasons include operational security, reasons of Identification Friend/Foe, interoperability or even just personal preference of the man in the uniform.

The equipment worn by each of these units is not only intended to give the user a high quality representation of UKSF operators in game, but the mod team has also taken into account that the units should be applicable to all types of missions associated with Armed Assault 2.

These units are not what one would call stereotypical SAS, but the mod team wishes to assure you that the units are an accurate representative of modern operators to the best of their knowledge.

The units feature a few custom touches (unique editor icons, command-bar icons, custom night-vision and pistol proxies etc).

The addon also includes two custom ammo crates (EMPTY > AMMO > Ammo and Weapons Stash Woodland/Desert). These should come in handy for creating LUPs etc.

As we always recommend use modfolders.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Just a few points to make about the v1.04 release of the units. Firstly, the 'SJB_SAS_ACEcfg.pbo' and 'SJB_SAS_ACEcfg.pbo.SJB.bisign' should only be installed if you use the ACE Mod. If you do not use the ACE Mod, do NOT install these two files as they will cause issues for you. Also, the ACE units require ACEX for the additional weapons they now use.

Included .pbo files:

Thanks & Credits:
Jackal326: Model editing and new normal-maps.
SafetyCatch: Mega work on the textures. Again.
Johnny: Original models and textures, and permission to port from ArmA1 to ArmA2.
Ardvark: Hood model donation, and general modelling advise.
Jennifer/Neph/Retro (Same person, different nicknames) & Dasquade: Original night-vision and headmount models and textures.
TF86 Squad: BETA Testing.

- Added MP units config. This basically removes all headgear from the units, allowing for custom glasses-type headgear to be used, a few are included in a seperate PBO.
- Tweaked ACE config, adding support for the new AI talk module (units _should_ talk in English rather than in Russian/not at all).
- Adjusted camo ratings for some patrol units.
- The SFSG Units now use MTP camo instead of Multicam (the SAS/SBS still retain what Multicam they previously had).

- Re-Updated textures on desert SAS and SBS units, as I previosuly overwrote the incorrect textures
- Updated SFSG Textures
- Fixed Desert Patrol MG'ers missing kneepad model
- Attempted to re-position and somewhat resize the bush-hats in an attempt to reduce clipping when using black faces

- Updated textures on desert SAS and SBS units (editing UBACS Multicam top on SBS, and various tweaks to the SAS textures).
- Added P226 to 'ACE Config' Units.

- Added 'ACE' Units, that having hidden backpacks (as with ArmA1 version of the pack), and use ACEx weapons and items. All within a seperate config. Don't have ACE/ACEx? Don't install the two ACE files.
- Tweaked a few models, adding a bit more variety to the units wearing gloves etc.
- Fixed 'Russian speaking units' issue.
- Resolved the slight proxy mis-alignment on the custom NVGs leading to glasses etc to clip slightly into the side of almost every unit's head (especially noticable with ACE balaclavas).
- Fixed the issues involving the respawn loadouts of a few units (i.e. not having the ability to access the map, compass or radio/GPS etc).

- Fixed a small, but annoying config error that resulted in an on-screen popup caused by a last-minute, unchecked, presumed to work, config edit.

v1.0 BETA
- Original port from ArmA1.
- Added SBS and SFSG Units.
- Numerous model edits across the board, too many to list. If you used the ArmA1 version of the units, then you'll more than likely spot the changes.
- Huge update on the textures, most were re-done from scratch with new DPM swatches etc. Thanks go to SafetyCatch once again.

Forum topic:
- BI forums

These are only required if you use the 'SJB_SAS_ACEcfg.pbo' and 'SJB_SAS_ACEcfg.pbo.SJB.bisign' files (see installation notes).
- Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core
- Advanced Combat Environment 2 - eXtras

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