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Requirements: MP Compatible Fast Rope Addon

Version: 1.06

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Date: 2010-02-18 09:00

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NORRN Fast-Rope Goto Script

This simple system of scripts allow you to command an AI piloted chopper to go to a map point where you will disembark via fast-rope insertion or following the landing of the chopper. The chopper will then return to base and refuel, where upon it can be commanded to extract you from another map click position selected by the player.

How it works:
1. When a player group leader gets in the chopper in a cargo position an action appears to set the chopper’s fast-rope destination or chopper land destination (chopper will land at this point).
2. Use the action and then a prompt appears to click on the map to set the fast rope destination – choose your destination.
3. The chopper will commence taking off – during the journey to the fast-rope destination the player commander will be given an action to cancel the fast-rope destination – if a player chooses this option the chopper goes into a holding pattern and the player can choose a new fast-rope destination or return to base.
4. Once the fast-rope destination is reached the player and his team will automatically disembark at that location.
5. The chopper will then return to base and refuel. After a few seconds an action will appear for the player group leader to set an extraction point.
6. If this option is chosen the player will need to click on the map to identify a safe location for an extraction site. The chopper will then proceed to this location. Note: this location has to be relatively flat and away from trees and powerlines etc otherwise the chopper will be damaged as it lands and you’ll end up being stuck there.
7. Once the chopper lands it will remain there (with engine running) until the all clear is given.
8. The chopper then lifts off and actions appear in the player group leader’s action list giving the player the option to return to base, set a new fast-rope destination or land destination.

Chopper Destination action.
Works in a similar way to the Fast rope destination, however, the chopper will land at the point designated and will remain there with the engines running until the "all clear" action is given. This will give you plenty of time (if needed) to unload the chopper get gear etc. Once the all clear is given the chopper will automatically return to base.

Changes to extraction system
Extraction works as in the previous system however the chopper will land and remain at the designated point (with the engine running) until the player uses the "all clear action". The chopper will then lift off - once it attains a height of approx 20 metres the action return to base, designate fatrope or landing point then appear.

Using this system you can now use the chopper for MedEVAC or tactical resupply etc

Remember: This is a very simple system – the chopper will fly a straight path to any destination given so flying over enemy troops may end in disaster. Also don’t forget due to the limitations in the AI flight model that the AI piloted choppers do have a tendency to run into mountains and trees, to a certain extent I’ve tried to account for this but take care when setting chopper extraction locations.

Also if you want to set a complex flight path for your chopper while you are on board you can set a destination and then cancel it as you approach it and then set a new destination - that way you can approach a target from an any angle.

Please see the readMe.txt in the archive.

Credits & Thanks:
Based on ideas by Aaron Duke

- Fixed problem with setting fast roping destination

- You can now start the mission in a vehicle and still get the extraction action (works with the AI pilot fastrope function available in the fastrope addon ie. fix the fastrope destination using the AI fastrope function and then call for extraction once the shooting stops).

- If starting in a taxi chopper the player leader by default gets the actions to set destination, however, if you wish to use the goto scripts with the AI pilot fastrope function that is part of the fast rope addon you can remove these actions by adding "NORRN_noAerialTaxiAtStart = true"

- Added respawning aerial taxi choppers
- Allowed the definition of multiple aerial taxis in the init.sqf
- Additional code to keep the chopper on the ground while units disembarking or boarding
- Myriad of code tweaks to improve MP and respawning player compatability

- Some minor scripting errors

Works in the same as the previous version - to update just replace the heloGoTo sub-folder in the scripts folder with the one in the archive

- unknown changes

* Gunners will now re-board the chopper after it returns to base
* Extraction call script will now work following the death and respawn/revive of a player

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- BI forums

- MP Compatible Fast Rope Addon

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