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Requirements: No addons required
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Version: 1.23

Date: 2007-03-25 20:55

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It contains 10 maps:
    - Airfield
    - Arcadia
    - Bagango
    - Desert
    - Dolores
    - Mercalillo
    - North Bases
    - Obregan
    - Sahrani plains
    - Ortego


Players section
    - Decompress all missions to your $:\ArmA\MPMissions\ folder to speedup connects.
    - For sure use NO CUSTOM FILES! to avoid lags on full servers while connecting.
Dedicated Server section
    - Delete old versions from server...
    - Add this to server.cfg for best performance and minimize lags:
    MaxCustomFileSize=0; //NO CUSTOM FILES!
    - Add this to server.cfg for correct map cycling:
    class Missions
    //... your other missions ...
    class MPBERZERK_01{template=ch64_berzerk_v1.23_arcadia.sara;cadetMode=0;};
    class MPBERZERK_02{template=ch64_berzerk_v1.23_desert.sara;cadetMode=0;};
    class MPBERZERK_03{template=ch64_berzerk_v1.23_obregan.sara;cadetMode=0;};
    class MPBERZERK_04{template=ch64_berzerk_v1.23_mercalillo.sara;cadetMode=0;};
    class MPBERZERK_05{template=ch64_berzerk_v1.23_dolores.sara;cadetMode=0;};
    class MPBERZERK_06{template=ch64_berzerk_v1.23_airfield.sara;cadetMode=0;};
    class MPBERZERK_07{template=ch64_berzerk_v1.23_bagango.sara;cadetMode=0;};
    class MPBERZERK_08{template=ch64_berzerk_v1.23_north_bases.sara;cadetMode=0;};
    class MPBERZERK_09{template=ch64_berzerk_v1.23_ortego.sara;cadetMode=0;};
    class MPBERZERK_10{template=ch84_berzerk_v1.23_sahrani_plains.sara;cadetMode=0;};


- weapons not locked anymore after respawn or rearming
- vehicle map deactivated for default (use rightCTRL+M for ArmA-GPS from now)
- more obstacles added to Airfield
- more M16A4 versions implemented for west, east M16A4 changed to M16A2
- minimal dialog redesigns
- spanish language support reworked
- polish language support added
- french language support added
- changelogs collected (for sure still not complete ...)
- NEW: Ortego

- respawn dialog settings from user stored now
- several bugfixes on wrong vehicles
- airsupport choppers will not respawn with pilot inside anymore
- mine/satchels now limitated to 5 each with markers for player

- new dialog system implemented
- all markerscript bugs left from Arma version change to v1.05 fixed
- Camel HE now carries 300x30mm HE and a single GBU by default
- improved marker scripts
- spanish language support added
- dynamic sniper maximum ... 1 Sniper/8 Players

- fixed some markerscript bugs left from Arma version change to v1.05

- Camel HE added to some Ammoboxes, marked with yellow ?

- Playercount increased from 48 to 64 (Sahrani Plains to 84 - try nocustom files!)

- Markersystem changed to ArmA v1.05 markerlocal interface



- NEW: The Desert, Mercalillo, Obregan

changelog v1.04
- NEW: The Airfield, Arcadia, Dolores, The North Bases, Obregan

changelog v1.02
- dialog map animations implemented

its alive v1.00
- all scripts working without error messages in ArmA v1.02
- NEW: The Sahrani Plains

� MMVII ber[z]erk lab.

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