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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core, Advanced Combat Environment 2 - eXtras, Advanced Combat Environment 2 - ACEX PLA, Community Base addons, SIX Aiaktalik, Desert Mercenaries and BlackOps, Desert USMC Units
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2010-02-03 15:47

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Operation Iron Fist - FOB Alamo

In the Operation Iron Fist series of missions, you will be playing a lowly, often forgotten, grunt (AT soldier) in a 50 men USMC platoon assigned to Aiktalik.

In the first mission, "Operation Iron Fist - FOB Alamo", the FOB comes under heavy attack from the taliban insurgents seeking to rid US presence. It is a dawn assault that took everyone by surprise.

As a mere grunt in this chaos, what will you do to make a difference? Or will you simply hide and let the conflict sort itself out OR even go AWOL? You choose... I am making my missions non-linear in style. This means that there would not be any series of "tasks" to follow through in order to complete the mission. You need to try to understand the situation and then do whatever you want to do or you deem fit to do for the situation. You literally decide your own task, your own mission, your own destiny within the bigger picture that is happening around you. In fact, the mission could play out very differently each time you replay it or everytime you use a new AI mod. In fact, you might run into different people and different "tasking" everytime you restart.

Like in all wars, your only job as a soldier is to live to see another day... The purpose of my missions is to allow players to experience the cruelty and harsh realities of war and not to glorify war and make heroes. You will experience panic, helplessness and chaos.. the reality of war.

5 Possible Endings, including the possibility of going AWOL!
Voice acting.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\Missions folder.

Recommended settings:
:: Effects & Voice Volume 100%
:: Music Volume 50% (Some sounds are extremely bassy, bewarned)
::Visual Distance 1000m (yes, you don't need very long VD in this mission and you won't want to due to the huge number of AIs)
The mission is extremely heavy even for my system, especially the beginning when a lot of animations need to be loaded, so I would advise a restart the moment the mission starts so that you can play with all animations already loaded into your ram without stuttering.

Recommended mods for full experience (but not required to run):
- HiFi sound mod
- JTD fire and smoke
- WarFX
- GL4 (no special settings needed. SIGNIFICANT gameplay difference experienced with this mission.)

1. There is no "briefing" screen. You are thrown into all out war right from the start with your leaders giving you instructions on the fly (whether you choose to obey or not, its up to you. ) Again, you are recommended to hit the ESC key and restart the mission the moment it starts so that the starting animations would be in your ram to avoid stuttering and missing animations.

2. It doesn't matter if someone you think is important dies or some "task" you take on fails. In RL battles, shit happens all the time too. Eventually, the battle ends one way or the other depending on what you do. The only way you really "lose" is by dying. Just like real life. As long as you stay alive, you live to tell the story. In fact, the only time you need to use the "revert" in this mission is if you DIE. There is no reason to reload if some "task" you give yourself fails. There's still plenty to do in the mission. Even if you are heavily injured and on the ground struggling, just wait a while and someone might just patch you up. You WILL be injured , perhaps many times, so please wait for first aid.

3. When you die, you can team switch to any of your surviving fire team mates. If you are wounded and your team mates are not coming, you can team switch to any of them and then come heal yourself. Remember to drag to safety first. Bullets do land on the same spot twice. To carry an injured (which is way faster than dragging), first select DRAG then go back into action menu and select CARRY.

4. Your team leader may behave differently everytime you replay. Sometimes he's all tactical and fast and sometimes, he's just stupid and inviting bullets, thats just the way it is.

5. MG Nests are referred to as "MG" ingame as well. If M2 MG positions are taken up, go for the M240 MG nests.

6. To enjoy the full intensity of the mission, make sure you deny yourself the save button. That way, you would really feel the emotions that are designed into the mission.

7. NEVER run in front of a firing friendly! Look around at where you are going before moving! (this is where trackir is VERY useful)

Story would be based very loosely on the real world operation iron fist and is fictional, so please don't slam me on the "authenticity" of the conflicts portrayed. And yes, the PLA isn't involved in the real life operation iron fist but its fun to have them in a mission..hehehe

Warning: Large scale battles involving hundreds of units. Please lower details settings or VD if it gets too heavy. Adult language used so if you are under 18, play at your own risk, don't be caught...hehehe.

Credits & thanks:
Featuring the voice acting talent of:
USRanger709 (maker of Operation Jackal's Hunt) as Officer in Command (OC)
Tonci as Razor Team Leader, Miles.
Beagle23 as Fire Team Leader
My Wife, Precious, as Captain Yang, liaison officer of the PLA
Archamedes (in the SAS Black Ops campaign) and myself as various marines
YOURSELF as the main character using "bardosy's Chesty Puller style" main character dialogues.
Also featuring custom music remixed from some of Hans Zimmer's classics and battle sounds to create the most immersive environment possible.

With Expert Advise From:
USRanger709, maker of Operation Jackal's Hunt
Bardosy, maker of Chesty Puller campaign

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