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Version: 0.57-01R

Date: 2010-03-07 13:03

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Warfare PVP Enhanced Edition

The goal of this mission is to increase the chances of PvP battle and the tactical approach to strategic base construction, attack and defense.

-Starting parameter Default, changed ( they're ready for tournament matches )
Try playing with these starting parameters so you can understand what's your favourite building order
and strategy

-MHQ Deploy - Undeploy cost 7500 Supply ( This for avoid base structures crazy building around the Island )
And to force to defend the base! build it in strategic place is really important.
This is really big difference, we attack and defend bases, we don't play seek and hide.

-Minor tweaks (same for both Factions), like increased bounty for camp and city capture and some minor tweaks

-Artillery range lowered
-Artillery reload time increased
-Artillery Unit cost increased
(I know that is not real but it fit the map size and avoid arty abuse or spot/arty only war)
Arty range is now:
3600 for D30/M119
1600 for Mortars
4000 for rockets launchers
If you forget these distance you can read on the mission diary
You can use it but you need to move in a strategic position because the default tournament starting distance is 7000
So you need to defend your arty units to fire on a spotted enemy base, as defenseman you need to patrol
so you can spot enemy that moves forward to use artillery.

-Number of total city set to 17
I removed/changed some towns to create thigh front line of war to increase the chances of PvP battle

-Added 3 Airport to capture (as towns)
You will got some advantages capturing airports (low prices aircraft, runway to takeoff and some supply/money)

-Added timer to Mission End Screen, also minor tweak to read him between the flags

-Tweaked Italian Stringtable

-Added some info in the Diary, please read it

-Ah64 Apache class miss error fixed (simply add apache in auto addons mission.sqm)
This for not give at the enemy the advantage to know when the other got AF and Apache.

-Time Needed for upgrades lowered

-Supply earned from town slighty increased

-New color for Open/Close/Build Actions to highlight it over standard game actions

-Tank Classes from Lifter script removed

-Max viewdistance set to 3500 (to reduce server/client stability performance)

-TerrainGrid fixed to 35 for (PvP Equal settings)

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

Tweaks for balance:
-Added Mi-17 Medevacs in the Hangars with added lifter capability to compare to Mv22 avaiable for the Blufor
-Added AF3 AH64D 8 Sidewinders load out to reduce the AA gap between Kamov

in order to balance the AF2 Cobra AA/AT capabilities
-Slightly Lowered REDFOR price of Shilka and AA soldier
-Tunguska price lowered and Moved to HF level2

-Mi-24 Hind lift script added and price lowered due to LOADOUT "power" compared to USA AF2 Choppers.
-Ah64 standard loadout (hellfire+Rockets) moved to AF2 and cost lowered.
-Humwee Stinger cost increased

in order to balance Aircraft I've changed all costs and Factory Upgrade needed (you can read a complete list in the mission diary)
-JET Prices BALANCED by LOADOUTS and lowered due to time to reload needed and lower versatility in the battle compared to Choppers

in order to balance tank wars
-T72 Building time reduced
-Abrams Price increased (this should be done also in the standard benny ED Abrams can't cost less than T72!)

in order to balance movable arty rockets:
- moved the GRAD to HF3 and cost tweaked
- MLRS cost increased like all arty units

Change log:
- All features/changes of 04R but now based on Benny Edition 057
- Slighty reduced the cost of Heli without AA missiles (Ah64-Hellfire) Mi24P Mi24V

- Removed AI Heli squads ( due to possible exploit with pick lock and due to stupid AI take off that could destroy base structures )
- Colored Action for Special Skill
- Flag near town with max supply points that you can get from (more sv = more difficoulties )
- Nizhnoye City Depot moved near the harbor
- Upgrade time for gear decreased
- All upgrade time decreased of 10 second
- UAV moved to AF1 and cost decreased to 10.000$
- Supply income ratio increased for faster supply grown ( now every 40 second instead of 60 we save 1 minute every 3 )
- Default parameter changes: death corpse removed after 120 sec and vehicles after 30 minutes I've reduced these times to improve mission stability
- Added wheeled armed vehicle to both side at spawn point near MHQ

Credits & Thanks:
Without Benny and all people that have worked on ( BE ) this mission wouldn't have been ever released.

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- Armaholic forums

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