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Version: 1.0

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Date: 2007-03-18 08:57

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Improved Artificial Intelligence

Basically as it is now, it follows groups and individual AI, when they find enemies they sidechat it smartly (type of enemy, location) across the airwaves, and the detected enemies get entered into an array with the data [Unit,Grid,Type].

As an example, an East unit sees an enemy tank at Fj53, so instantly they sidechat "Enemy armor spotted at Fj53", and the enemy gets entered into a dynamic array with the information
I have a script that will update the grid location of this unit if he is still detected (knowsabout > 0.1 by any opposing unit) and similarly the unit will be deleted from the array if no one knows where he is anymore (knowsabout < 0.08).

Known issues:
- Currently there is a bug in ArmA where the number a unit knows about the other (say 0.5) will NOT degrade gradually if he can not see it, but will eventually return to 0 abruptly. This kind of makes things a little screwy for obvious reasons.

- Not tested in MP

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