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Requirements: Beriev Be-32 by Red Cottage/GrandQ
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2007-03-18 17:47

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We are attacking the American Pigs at Sahrani. Finally I get the chance to kill some capitalist scum. This is what all our training has been for, all those hours at the bootcamp will pay off. We are stronger and tougher than those fat infidels, and it will feel great to crush them. I have drunk 4 bottles of the finest Vodka for my Breakfast, so I am in fine spirits for some Killing!!

Today is what you've been waiting for. You will attack and capture the beach resort in south east Sahrani. The enemy Are strong, but we have the element of surprise. You will start on a BMP2. You must wait until you have reached
the beach before getting out and attempting to establish a beach-head. There is artillery on the hills, but hopefully the BMPs will take care of it before you reach the shore.
You must then clear your designated area , whilst others clear theirs. Once it is clear, proceed to the town and take the fortified building.

When the building is clear, you can push inland to finish the mission .

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