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Requirements: 31st Normandy Mod, 31st Normandy Mod patch 1

Version: 0.99b

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Date: 2010-03-11 09:19

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31st Normandy Mod patch 2

This patch fixes and resolves most CTD items related to older ArmA1 ported units to ArmA2. This patch also addresses missing textures that caused pop-ups on screen for most units. This patch is not intended to be bug free or historically accurate.
Most warfare components provided with this patch. Classes have been corrected to allow spawning of most vehicles without crash. Please report any issues you have regarding CTD or missing textures on the BIS forums. Or contact me.

We always recomment to use modfolders.
Check our FAQ for how to do it.

Included files:

Known issues:
- some aqu_rr model parts have arma1 proxied furniture, also missing aqu panzer faust weapon
- Catalina no textures
- smines muzzle, eventhandler needs to be added to all players.
- Aquhe111 no textures
- replaced crew on flak 38, but has missing texture from arma1.

-added cool US ww2 style calendars ( for mission editors to use in missions) in aqu_misc.pbo. German style calendar comes later
-added refuel, repair, ammo cckw for warfare missions
-added .50 cal quad AA model of cckw
-added .50 cal version of DUKW amphibious vehicle
-added opel blitz refuel, repair and ammo trucks
-added new loading screens for the mod
-added willy's jeep (known issue - rolls easy when turned - fix coming later)
-added Hawker Hurricane Mk2c
-Added Axis MHQ for warfare missions
-Added Allied MHQ for warfare missions
-Removed side from bofors40mm cannon, can now be placed as a unmanned static weapon in the editor without a crash (right click pulls up weapons optics).
-Fixed aqu_rr_building config.bin error entry when placing static weapons in editor from.
-Fixed aqu_rr_station1 textures to contain arma2 textures
-Removed modern crew from stug3g, added a model that contains bushes for camo
-Removed modern crew from cckw trucks configured into an ammo box for pick by mission editors)
-Removed modern crew from BC Scharnhorst
-Removed modern crew from boston class aircraft
-Removed modern crew from C47 class ( the cockpit is not finished yet )
-removed modern crew from flak18 class
-removed modern crew from me163
-removed modern crew from p38, fixed missing destruct.rvmat error
-Fixed CTD with flak38, added faction for WW2 Germany ( has dark looking texture from conversion process)
-Removed modern crew from dodge pick-up(light truck)
-Removed modern crew from horsa glider, fixed texture errors
-Removed modern crew from bf109E1, fixed texture issues
-Removed modern crew from bf109G1RII, fixed textures, removed modern gbu and added ww2 sc250kg bomb
-Removed older vilas crew from Kubelwagon and replaced with newer heer crew, fixed texture errors
-textured cckw truck
-Changed class for the Go242b glider
-Changed class for the he111h
-Changed class for the Jagdpanther, fixed texture error
-Changed class for the ju52
-Removed modern crew from Avro Lancaster, fixed texture error
-Changed crew on LCM3 higgins landing craft, changed class, fixed texture error
-Changed crew on Sherman M4a4, changed class, fixed texture error, fixed sound issue being too loud when main weapon fires
-changed crew on m26 pershing, changed class, fixed texture error, known issue: two road wheels rotate around eachother(will be resolved later)
-changed crew on the m101 howitzer, changed class, fixed texture error
-changed crew on pak38, changed class
-changed crew on pz3h, changed class
-changed crew on supermarine spitfire, changed class, fixed texture error
-changed crew on hurricane mk2c, changed class, fixed texture error

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