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Date: 2010-03-12 22:23

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Sahrani Civilians
ported by Icewindo

Contains Sahrani Civilians from Armed Assault converted to ArmA2.

Changes from the ArmA1 models:
- darkened blood textures to match ArmA2 blood textures
- replaced the original rvmats with ArmA2 rvmat setups, they look abit more crispy graphicswise this way
- edited uv layout for the shorts-models as BIS removed the leg texture from the face textures
- replaced old heads with ArmA2 heads, likewise replaced geo, fire, etc. LOD

The "weighted" civilians ("...tulstoch.p3d") couldn't be included as BIS didn't create a "weighted" face for ArmA2.

Check our FAQ for a clear explanation about using modfolders.

Included files:

Credits & Thanks:
Mikero for his MoveObject Tool, else I wouldn't have created this addon (renaming 387187 texture paths and rvmats by hand is not much fun)
BIS (kind of obvious)

This addon is released under the included sample model license ("license.txt") by BIS.

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