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Can Armaholic host my site?

Armaholic hosting

Here at we offer different hosting packages.
    The free package is offcourse free of charge and should be enough for most of you wanting to have a site about your own projects for Arma etc.
    The free package includes :
      - 250 MB disk space
      - 500MB Monthly transfer
      - 3 MySQL databases
      - 1 FTP account
      - 5 email accounts
    The free package only gives you main FTP acces, there will be no Cpanel acces so for changes regarding your for example MySQL (database), FTP accounts, Email accounts, etc you will have to contact Foxhound.

    The basic package offers a lot more compared to the free package since this inlcude acces to your own server area (Cpanel) so you can actually set it up completely to your linkings.
    If you choose this package your site will be hosted on our main server (.com server).
    This package costs ?25,- for 1 year and includes:
      - 1 GB disk space
      - 5 GB Monthly transfer
      - 20 FTP accounts
      - 50 email accounts
      - unlimitted databases
    Payement is always 100% up front!
If the packages above do not suit your needs you can always contact Foxhound, tell us what you need/want and we will make you a good deal.

We pay a few hundred each month to keep all our servers ready for the Arma community and we do it with pleasure, however a few hundred each month is kicking into our wallets pretty hard so by doing this we hope to at least get a little money back.
For all the people who's FTP's and site's we are already hosting nothing changes, for you all stays the same.

So far Armaholic is providing webspace to all of the following:

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Updated: Monday 01st of June 2009 05:30 PM,  Asked By: Foxhound,  viewed 3756 times