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Who is the Developer?
The developer is Bohemia Interactive Studio

Bohemia Interactive is an independent game development company with studios in the Czech Republic and Australia. Founded in 1999, the Company focuses on developing state-of-the-art computer entertainment software and research in advanced real-time 3D graphics, artificial intelligence and physical simulation technologies for real-time interactive environments. The Company's debut release, Operation Flashpoint (for PC), published by Codemasters, has won universal acclaim for its realism in simulating military conflict situations. BI has developed even more advanced game technology -- Virtual Battlespace 1 that is used by military organizations around the world to train real soldiers for combat. The Company was awarded the Best PC Game Developer of the Year 2001 Award in London and the Rookie Studio of the Year Award at GDC 2002 in San Jose. For more information about Bohemia Interactive visit

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