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How to add a picture to my posts
You need to upload your picture to some free hosting site on the net, choose for example one of the below:

- etc

Then once you upload it you add it by using any of the following codes:
  • Normal image
      Use this if the picture you want to show is wider than 750 pixels, the website will resize the picture automatically to prevent the layout of the website being changed.
  • Small image
    • [aimg]HTTP://WWW.LINKTOYOURIMAGE[/aimg]
      Use this if the image you want to show is smaller than 750 pixels wide.
  • Clickable image
    • [url=link_here][aimg]HTTP://WWW.LINKTOYOURIMAGE[/aimg][/url]
      Use this is the clickable image you want to show is smaller than 750 pixels
  • Clickable thumb image
    • [url=link_to_large_picture][aimg]HTTP://WWW.LINKTOYOURSMALLIMAGE[/aimg][/url]
      Use this to create a clickable thumb image.

You can get the link to your file in different ways:
  • The image hosters often provide the image they host with different codes to use your picture on websites. Choose the bbcode option.
  • When u are watching your image in your web-browser, do a right click on the image, select properties, highlight the location link, copy it and that's what u have to paste between the IMG and /IMG or AIMG and /AIMG codes.
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Created: Tuesday 12th of October 2010 03:27 PM,  Asked By: Foxhound,  viewed 2299 times