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2013-10-02Arma 3 Steam Workshop integration, what do you think?
2013-06-26Arma 3 Beta released, what do you think of it?
2013-03-15Arma 3 Alpha released, what do you think of it?
2011-08-29Future of Armaholic, what do you want the most? Post your feedback (multiple options possible).
2011-05-29Arma 3, what do you expect from it?
2011-04-26Take On Helicopters, will you get it or not?
2011-03-03Will you buy the Arma 2 : Reinforcements standalone expansion?
2011-01-06If there is another DLC, what content would you prefer it comes with the most?
2010-12-01Arma 2: PMC, what do you think of it?
2010-10-23New Arma 2 content, will you buy the upcoming Arma 2: PMC DLC?
2010-08-30Have you bought the BAF DLC and what do you think of it?
2010-07-14Now that Operation Arrowhead has been out a few weeks tell us what you think.
2010-06-21Do you like the new website?
2010-03-12What are you looking forward to the most?
2009-12-24Patch 1.05, is it hot or not?
2009-08-14ArmA2 official expansion pack Operation Arrowhead
2009-06-26Now its released, do you like ArmA2?
2009-05-26Arma 2 - which version will you buy?
2009-04-19Will you buy Arma 2 without playing a demo?
2009-03-04Arma 2, what do you expect of it?
2008-12-28What do you think of the new 1.15 beta patch?
2008-10-19The new website, do you like it? Post your feedback here.
2008-08-26Arma 2 boxart, which one do you like most? You can view the pictures here
2008-05-04Arma, what do you think of it today?
2008-02-14Arma 2, will you upgrade your system?
2007-12-12Armaholic, what do you think? (link in comments)
2007-10-15Arma, what Multiplayer do you play?
2007-08-22Arma 2, whats your opinion?
2007-07-31Queens Gambit, will you buy it?
2007-06-14Arma 1.08, what do you think?
2007-05-11Do you like the way BIS patches the game?
2007-03-22What do you do most with ArmA?
2007-03-04ArmA 1.05. What do you think?
2007-02-22505 version, what do you think?
2007-01-12What do you think of the user made content, see forum topic
2007-01-12What do you think of the user made content, see forum topic
2006-12-14What do you think of ArmA (see forum topic)
2006-12-13What packshot do you prefer?
2006-10-12Will you buy a non english version?