Some of you may wonder why this tiny corner of the web all of the sudden is updated.

Well, after the crap that happened back in May 2013 I decided to quit the ArmA 2 Scene completely and thus removed all content on this site. But after some months of break, a lot of thinking and talking with respected community members I decided that the community should not suffer from something they are not responsible for.

The ones to blame are the BI “High command” and that incompetent fool they call “head moderator”. By just disappearing I also would give said fool the impression that he ‘won’. Now, he failed even at that as I’m still here. Feel free to contact me about details as I lost my patience with BI now and will talk. They had four months to solve this unfortunate situation and as always – did nothing but telling me how sorry they are.

Anyway, I’m back in business. Somewhat at least as I most probably will never return to the amount of time and effort I put into BI games before. I enjoy my new “freedom” way too much to give it up again just to sit in front of a computer for hours creating some missions or addons. 🙂

However, I already (re)created some nice missions from the good old days and will release them in the near future. I also have to rebuild this site and add content again to the now empty pages. Should have made backups before removing everything… 🙂