[COOP 02] Disruptive Behaviour

You are dropped by helicopter in the southern Zargabad province. Your targets are a high ranking Takistani officer and a local militia leader. Use your evasive skills to prevent capture, and then blow a SCUD launcher on the way home.

Viper made this scenario for VBS1. This is an updated version of my previous release.

Just Operation Arrowhead is required.

Disruptive Behaviour


Version 1.06
Updated all scripts, added random weather script by Moerderhoschi, smaller fixes

Version 1.05
Added MP briefing

Version 1.04
Mute music when one of the two members fire their weapons or when detected

Version 1.03
Second target arrives after insertion, added Jukebox module, added a couple of patrols between outpost and SCUD

Version 1.02
Added missing magazines for the Pistols

Version 1.01
Fixed briefing and markers, added field hospital, added a second usable vehicle

Version 1.0
Initial release