Elephant Island

Welcome to Elephant Island! A sunny place somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, or the Carribean, or wherever you want it to be.
Only sparsely populated, it features two military camps and an airfield as well as several radio installations which makes it an interesting strategic object for several countries nearby.

I started this project about three years ago after I got my hands on the VBS2 Developer Tools. Unfortunately I suck at graphics, so I was never able to create the required textures for it. In the first version it had an ugly all green Grass Texture all over the place. But hey, I had my first terrain working!
A collaboration with David ‘Seventh’ Lagettie who had the same Idea back then unfortunately never became reality so at some point I forgot about the whole thing and it went to depths of my drives and collected dust.
A while back I found it again and replaced the VBS2 objects with A2 and converted A1 ones. But still the satmask was missing so I went to the Editing forums and made a list of ‘possible targets’. I found it in Bushlurker, and I asked him to make me ‘a quick and dirty’ Satmask for my island.
Of course he did way more than just a quick texture job. He added a working airfield, changed the cell size, levelled the terrain. He also made the island selection picture, the logo and what not. In short, without his dedicated work the little Island would never be what it is now. Not even close.
Since the first release, he improved the terrain texture even more, making it the beautiful thing it is now.
Why ‘Elephant Island?’ you may ask. David Lagettie, who created the original island for VBS1 and where it was used as ‘Core island’ gave it this name. I guess because of the many Elephant grass being used on it.

ARMA 2 Combined Operations (ARMA 2 + Operation Arrowhead)

Credits and thanks
Just a ‘thank you’ is not enough, so… a BIG THANK YOU to Bushlurker for all the time he spent on this little project, doing work I never could have done and answering all my stupid questions. The result is better than anything I ever expected!

Peter ‘Pete’ Morrison for his kind permission to convert the terrain and some objects to ArmA II.

David ‘Seventh’ Lagettie for the original work and some insight view on the original development.

Berghoff for his Elephant grass.

Binkowski for the OPFOR unit models and textures.

Gromov for improving the textures on some of the old models.

Icebreakr for his nice Lingor Environment sounds.

Icewindo for the civilian units.

Max Power for fixing some of the screwed models.

M1lkm8n for the now enterable storage hut and adding animated doors and breakable glass to all of the buildings.

Meatball0311 for fixing some unit problems and creating the Commander unit.

vilas for the OPFOR Commander texture.

Mikero for his excellent tool suite. Modding would be much harder without your work.

zipper5 for his nice Intro/credits scene.

Armaholic.com for fast and reliable hosting.

Okay, now finally the download
Elephant Island v1.07 @ Armaholic
Elephant Island v1.07 @ MEGA

Elephant Island Vehicles (26-March-2014) @ MEGA


Vehicles (26-March-2014)
FIXED : ACR DLC is no more required for using the BMP-1

ADDED : Enterable storage hut, thanks to Milkman!
ADDED : Landrover with DShKM and Unarmed
ADDED : Watchtower object, basically a watertower with sandbag walls
CHNGD : Aircraft and Helicopters have custom roundel
CHNGD : Army huts and Farmhouse have animated doors and breakable glass, thanks to Milkman!
CHNGD : Civilians can carry backpacks
CHNGD : Several texture replacement on objects
CHNGD : Vehicles have Takistani camo without markings
FIXED : Several small problems with UV maps and configs

CHNGD : Rocks replaced with OA ones
FIXED : ‘Updating base class’ warnings
FIXED : Barn at Theo’s place fixed

ADDED : Some more OPFOR units added, editor groups added
CHNGD : Yet another terrain texture by Bushlurker

ADDED : OPFOR units and vehicles, thanks to Binkowski
CHNGD : New terrain textures, thanks to Bushlurker

FIXED : Minor bugfixes, mostly model problems

Canceled release

Not released to the public

Initial release