[COOP 10] Mountain Excursion

Two hours ago an Army Blackhawk reported the failure of both engines from their Blackhawk and crash landed. Your squad is the nearest unit and goes in to find the Blackhawk and its crew.

I made this scenario years ago for a VBS2 map, since then it collected dust. Then it came to my mind again as I flown over the Tora Bora map. Added some random stuff, changed story a bit and here we go. Included are both a BAF and US version.

Operation Arrowhead – ArmA2 should not be required
BAF DLC is recommended for the BAF version
Tora Bora by Chill xl

Mountain Excursion


Version 1.04
Replaced BI wounded system with Bon’s AIS; some smaller script changes

Version 1.03
Changed captives animation to make sure they are moving once found

Version 1.02
Added MP compatible helicopter evac script by Ghost
Added MP/JIP compatible time and weather script by Moerderhoschi
Added gear selection
Added BAF version

Version 1.01
Added missing end script files

Version 1.0
Initial release