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#100484 Posted at 2011-03-20 16:33        
Fantastic progress on this mod. I love the sunglasses tucked into the goggle strap. Looks very real.

DaveGary, I suggest you contact the guys who made the ASC Weapon Pack as what they did with weapons seems to be in line with what you are trying to do with player models. Their solution was to create a dialog that came up on a specific keystroke. Once that dialog is up, you have three or four categories on a base weapon that all have dropdowns. Depending on your inventory, you can change the scope, lasers/lights, etc. There are also preset configs such as the SOF pack which includes both the laser and the light and the grenade launcher.

I believe the way it works is, depending on your selections, the dialog replaces the entire weapon model. It doesn't add or remove smaller models from a base model. But in game, it appears that you just replaced your scope, for example. But all of those small models for scopes and lasers are all in-game to help sell the effect. It's hard to describe accurately, but you get the idea. Also, everything is available in-game in specific crates.

Those guys can be reached here: