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#100863 Posted at 2011-03-26 18:50        
# pvt kilbur : Yes but arma dosent like certain computers...
Yeah, its the weirdest thing O.o
I can play on med-high settings or highest settings with grass turned off on my laptop! This is much much better than a lot of people with $3000 super computers can do! My laptop isnt exactly a powerhouse either. Specs:
Intel i5 M430 @2.27 (plus powerboost)
Nvidia GeForce 230M X16 1024MB (Laptop version of course)
4.00GB DDR3
Win 7 x64
All wrapped up in a HP dv6000 entertainment laptop.
My take is that arma likes the i5 CPUs. My brother has a similar setup to mine except is using a ATI graphics card and his runs nearly as well as mine does.
I dont mean to brag about how well the game is running for me, I just want to solidify the point that arma just likes/doent like certian computers, almost regardless of computing power.
[edit] by "high" or "very high" I mean textures and those things. Post processing is always off, res and fill are at 100%, and the other fancy things are off. So it isnt maxed out, just very high.

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