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#101277 Posted at 2011-04-02 07:05        
UPDATE: I made a script that checks whether or not you are attempting to dive. Once you attempt to dive, you are attached to the pond and you start diving. Once you reach 0 depth however, the pond is detached and moved far away so you don't see it. That means, if you swim onto shore, you won't see the pond around you. And if you are floating on the surface, you most likely won't see the pond there either. Nice. Works in rough seas also where your surface depth changes all of the time. It works very well. You can start in the ocean or start on shore and run out into the ocean. You can start on a CRRC or other boat and you won't see the pond attached to you. Even once you are in the water, even in heavy seas, you won't see the pond attached. Only once you start the dive do you see the pond. Makes the whole mod more usable until I can get my hands on a postage stamp sized pond to stick in my unit's gut.

BUG REPORT: I found my first bug. If you decrease your depth all the way down to the bottom of the ocean, the player snaps onto the bottom of the ocean and you get stuck unable to surface. You won't go below shoulder deep. The fix is to swim to shore. Once you swim above sea level, the player snaps off of the ground. So rule of thumb, don't dive deep into the mud or you'll get stuck. Seems reasonable.

LOCKING OUT: I jumped into the USS Los Angeles fast attack submarine that Gnat made and dove down to various depths. I then tried getting out and tried ejecting and the player appears on the surface of the water. So "locking out" isn't possible at this point. Yet. I could always make an action for the sub that calls a script that gets your position while on the sub, ejects you from the sub and sets your position somewhere at that depth but just above the sub's main deck. Since this is a basic of combat diving, I'm going to make this one of my priorities.