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#101325 Posted at 2011-04-02 19:04        
Hey there, sorry to be so late on the update

Alright, for modern rebreathers, you have a bunch of different systems to warn you about CO2 and other issues
my personal favorite one that I've seen is a system that sends a buzz, like the vibration setting on a phone, but these are only really included in modern, and recreational CCR's
The LAR-V doesn't really have any of that, there's a single gauge built in, and the entire system is mechanical, there isn't a single piece of electronics built into the system, and combat divers don't like to have the kind of alarms and noise making devices for obvious reasons, your best bet is to make your computer visibly flash, or possibly to simulate a HUD mask, which isn't being USED currently by SEALS but is more than enough to keep within the realm of immersion without having to break away from what's possible

I'll ask my boss for some more information about the systems and techniques they use though, this is an awesome project and I'm glad this dimension is finally coming to arma