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#101452 Posted at 2011-04-05 05:40        
HI armaholic!! I´m from Argentina, so first forgive my awful English.

I where having troubles with default ArmA missions as well as many players including from this site. I´m refering to chopper involving missions like the pilot training mission or "The grate battle". The bug makes the mission to fail after trying to start engine.

So I tried the older version of ACE (1.07) and the bug wasn´t there. But, using this version you miss all other fixes like performance enhancement or parachute fix. Then discovered that the problem was only the addon file "ace_sys_engine.pbo", so replacen the new one wiht the 1.07 version file solve the problem and you can play those mission using ACE.

I want to share this with you.

Also uploaded this file so you dont have to download ACE version 1.07!!!!

Paste the file on your @ACE/Addons folder. Make backup first!!!!

ACE mod - Engine start FIX

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