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#101571 Posted at 2011-04-07 07:14        
# : Have you used Kegetys' UnRap to make a config.bin in to a config.cpp for the BIS water?

Kegetys' Arma Tools:
Yes, I have been looking at the config for the water, but I seem to be unable to call it as an external reference. Maybe it's a problem with my model not having the right parts or something. In desperation, I hex edited an existing pond and I still couldn't get it to work as a new model. I'm thinking there might be some hard coded rule that I'm just missing. Like a naming convention or something. I have one or two more tricks I can try, but it's a frustrating process.

None of the BIS ponds seem to have their own classnames that I can find. I'm using MAP Editor Update which adds classnames (configVehicles) to each of those ponds. Looking at the way they do it, it seems they don't add any external references. They just make a new vehicle classname and reference the p3d filename of the pond. So I've tried to mimic that and I've also tried a bunch of other combinations and configurations, but no joy.

By the way, my evil boss just put in his two weeks notice today at work. SO I'm pretty fricking happy right now!!! :) :) :) And in typical corrupt fashion, he helped secure a very lucrative contract for the company that he will now be working for.

Added 2 minutes later:

This is my most recent config which gets the pond into the editor alright. But I'm getting "no entry" errors all over the place.
#define true 1
#define false 0

#define VSoft 0
#define VArmor 1
#define VAir 2

#define private 0
#define protected 1
#define public 2

#define TEast 0
#define TWest 1
#define TGuerrila 2
#define TCivilian 3
#define TSideUnknown 4
#define TEnemy 5
#define TFriendly 6
#define TLogic 7

#define ReadAndWrite 0
#define ReadAndCreate 1
#define ReadOnly 2
#define ReadOnlyVerified 3

class CfgPatches {
	class JFHWATER {
		units[] = {};
		weapons[] = {};
		requiredAddons[] = {"CAWeapons", "CAData","CAMisc","CAMisc2","CAMisc3","CABuildings","CABuildings2","CAStructures","CASigns2","CARoads2","CARocks2","CAA10","CAAir","CAAir2","CAAir3","CAWheeled","CAWheeled2","CAWater2","CATracked","CACharacters2"};
		requiredVersion = 1.02;

class CfgFactionClasses {
		displayName = "Invisible Water Faction";

class CfgVehicleClasses {
		displayName = "Invisible Water Vehicles";

class CfgVehicles {
	class Static;
	class JFH_pond_small_28 {
		scope = public;
		displayName = "Invisible Water - Feint";
		vehicleClass = "JFHWATER_SIDE_VEHICLES";
		picture = "\ca\weapons_e\data\icons\backpack_ACR_CA.paa";
		icon = "\ca\weapons_e\data\icons\mapIcon_backpack_CA.paa";
		mapsize = 2;
		model = "pond_small_28.p3d";


class CfgSurfaces
	class Default;
	class Freshwater