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#101594 Posted at 2011-04-07 14:56        
# ADO GMC : If I translate and understand your current research:
ago on 3D models of boats BIS zone texture nome antiwater_ca.paa explores this track.

If it is the manufacture of water for arma 2 I may be a different track, I can post flake.

P.S: sorry for my English by a translator because I'm very bad.
I don't completely understand, but I'll look for that texture and look for a model that is using it. Thank you for that information. :) Merci.

Added 7 minutes later:

# : I'm not an expert on configs. I can do some sqf scripting. That's all I'v been working on so far.
I think you need some help from the BIS forums. Talk to Robalo from Alpha Squad or the dev's from the ACE team.
I just posted a question in there in the hopes that someone can assist me with this part of it. Thanks for the push. I was debating.

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