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#102221 Posted at 2011-04-16 18:50        
# B~M : i noticed the fps drop going from runnin map in editor to over to multiplayer drops 10 to 14 fps.
joined a server the other day and it updated my punkbuster, now it seems to run a bit faster but that mp hesitation after running 10 steps is still there but less so. map im usin has 30 villages added on zargabad with each holding 12 enemy ai in and on spawned module bldgs and no enemy vehicles. maybe i need to upgrade my dsl and it will smooth out some. i imagine adding a dust storm would drop it lower. maybe somebody can figure a way to spawn town module bldgs and despawn after youve passed thru a cpl of towns, if you cant see them then they dont need to be there anymore. tried setting visual to 500 seems to help some just to keep focused on immediate town you are fighting in at moment.
30 villages sounds insane..... but it looks awesome for CQB fighting from village to village the entire road thru zargabad
spawn\de-spawn town modules by trigger, that would be the way to save the frame hit.
town modules placement drastically improves when you synch to pre-load module, they conform to land and surroundings much easier and you can practically jam them together and they conform nicely.
they need to pre-load first to get ai in and on the bldgs.
It sounds to me like your CPU is the bottleneck if loading units that you can't see is slowing you down. It sounds like you are playing CTI. CTI gamemodes already load units as you go, but to my knowledge, do not "unload" them when you move away.
I am sure there is a way to code your own load distance of units without using in-editor triggers. I don't know how, but It would only work on singleplayer unless you're the host. If you're interested in knowing how I'm sure someone here has those skills.

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