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- personal information
I'm a 33 year+ old Swede that has played everything released since the OPF days, and since that I've become married and got a daughter on top of that, and she enjoy driving down trees with tanks, preferably the M1A1 or the RHS T-80s.

- gaming
I usually only play strategy games, first shooter games has never been my cup of tea, except for some good oldies such as Day of Defeat but otherwise I´v s tucked with strategy.

- what are you doing here
I am enjoying the game from the player based mod making perspective, the game itself is nothing but an engine that people on the outside make exceptional good, I own all versions of all games, except for Military Contractors that to me felt like an epic fail to be honest, and now they re-packs it to milk some more. I prefer player made mods, currently I am testing a userconfig for YorT the maker of the Iranian Mod and spent my free time on that project.

- other basic informations
I love the 1970s up to 2003 war scenarios, the new ones with drones flying around dropping bombs is not as fun to follow really.
I try to play Unsung Mod but there is a lot left to do on that one before I can spend some real energy on it.

I am pretty well versed in Eastern vehicles, including helicopters and war planes.

I am about equally drilled in western counterparts because if you play OPFOR you need to know their capabilities and weaknesses.

I am interested in impossible odds, if its close to impossible I like it, if its a catwalk I generally moves on to something harder.

I am not after realistic scenarios, ACE I've tried, but its to much updating and the system to do so is a menace for new players as such I avoid it until a system of dummy proof is introduced.

I do not like when things render WHAT IF scenarios impossible thanks to technological überness because I know what BLUFOR is facing, I know the vehicles and equipments, guns and ammunition, and their real potentials and if used with a trained crew those Soviet/Russian made things can play out a different story.

This has been proven time after time at the The National Training Center or NTC at Fort Irwin, California and at the Joint Readiness Training Center or JRTC at Fort Polk, Louisiana.

Most people do not know the difference between a T-72 and a T-72A, and even more folks can´t tell the differences between export and Soviet/Russian first line tanks. I've spent some ¨18+¨ years studying these things and its a great hobby, my interest for all this comes from the 1991 Gulf War when people came over to our school briefing us students about it and its progress.

Did you know that T-90 tank really is a T-72BM (Object 187) followed by an even more advanced version called T-72BU? After the Gulf War President Boris Yeltsin ordered a name change to this T-72 tank.

1991 the basic T-72 export version got themselves bad reputation when smashed by General Norman Schwarzkopf and his boys/girls during the Gulf War, and the T-72s used in Chechnya amongst those the more advanced T72BM and UB had preformed bad along with the T-80s.

Then the Defence minister Pavel Grachev ordered that all Russian MBTs had to have new turrets, where ammunition was to be stored differently along with other security instalments to make their MBTs safer for their crews in the field, the ammunition is now stored completely differently from how they were stored in Russian tanks during the cold war days, the infamous turret blow off is less likely to be witnessed when fired upon by the Rheinmetall 120 mm guns.

in 1997 the first T-80UM Bars or Snowleopard rolled out from the tank factory at Omsk, the new turrets is their main Improvement along with a state of the art fire control system.

The Russians had problems to sell their export versions of their tanks, The T-90 has been in production since 1994 and since that a lot has happened.

The T-90 name is really only a market trick along with a pointer towards it enhanced combat capability's.

India got the T-90S the S marks its the export version of this tank.

The T-90S is comparable with the T-80UM Bars today, it is by Russian standards an expensive tank some 1,6 million USD but still cheaper then the more advanced T-80UM Bars tank that cost about 2,2 million USD.

The first Russian unit gaining the T-90 tank was the 21st Motorized Rifle Regiment in Siberia 1995.

This is I and I love Armaholic and the player base that make the Arma series worthy my money and time. ;-)

shilka out...

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