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#103145 Posted at 2011-04-27 19:41        
i noticed a post for Arma 1 that there are certain programs you need to open .pbo files and what not to retexture units/vehicles and so fourth. the problem im running into is that do i need to follow the same instructions for Arma 2 and OA? i am very new to modifying units for Arma Arma 2 and OA but i would love to test and send some of my work once i understand it to this community. but allas, i have no point to were to start. if someone can please give me pointers and allow me to apologize before hand if this is in the wrong section. i will post the link that i found here in the forums for Arma 1 but like i said before im not sure if i can follow the steps since this game engine seems to be more detailed than that of Arma 1

Thank you

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