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#104613 Posted at 2011-05-20 09:18        
Ok mate, awesome job! not much at all wrong with them apart from 2 things I found...

*This was all while playing with Vanilla ArmA2 / OA.

I got an error loading the units from the editor into game, though it works fine after the error here
is what im getting: "Cannot load texture 2ndrangers\data\gloves\gloves_co.paa."

Then the 2nd problem is though im not sure if you meant to do this, the tywraps on the webbing have no
textures at all, they are just plain white / greyish ... looks like they are missing the texture. Not sure what you
call them in the US but maybe something like cuffs! lol.

Final thing is they have a little shadow problems here and there, though its beta so nothing to worry about!
and awesome release none the less, thank you so much mate.

Oh and just one other thing, how and what does the ESS Tactical Glasses work? you need to put
something in the init line? or run it WITH the rangers .pbo? and hey, take out the bikey and besign
it as you have not properly signed it, ive just noticed! lol

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