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#104615 Posted at 2011-05-20 11:21        
# DarkXess : Ok mate, awesome job! not much at all wrong with them apart from 2 things I found...

Then the 2nd problem is though im not sure if you meant to do this, the tywraps on the webbing have no
textures at all, they are just plain white / greyish ... looks like they are missing the texture. Not sure what you
call them in the US but maybe something like cuffs! lol.

I think the Tywraps are the correct colour, they're essentially just huge cable ties, but a lot more lightweight and saves carrying a pair of handcuffs. I suppose they'd be available in all different colours, even bright orange if you look hard enough.

I'm also getting the "Cannot load texture 2ndrangers\data\gloves\gloves_co.paa." error, I'm running Operation Arrowhead, Vanilla and BAF. (Will download PMC later and try it with that.)

However from first looks and having a little play around with them, these units are amazing.

Thanks DG.