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#104624 Posted at 2011-05-20 15:52        
Very nice indeed, Squad.xml is shown on the left arm, Is there anyway we could put the name of the unit on the right arm like shown in your pics or will that involve quite a lot of editing (unpacking etc), apart from the missing bisign files, an awesome release :-)

The HGU 56 FLIGHT HELMET, GENTEX MFS MAXILLO FACIAL SHIELD FOR HGU 56 FLIGHT HELMET, HGU 56 FLIGHT HELMET (VISOR DOWN), ESS GLASSES (clear,yellow,black), ESS ICE NARO WITH COMTAC II, SURFIRE AND RHINO MOUNT (arma 2 oa us army vanilla) are all very nice as well, I was about to bug report that the clear and black glasses look the same when equipping them but soon found out different while wearing them in-game. :-)

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