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#104979 Posted at 2011-05-26 13:39        
Hi all,

Couldn't find a "will my pc run it" thread but i had a spare month and was hoping to get arma 2. My pc is pretty bad, 8800gt, 4200+, 2gb ram, xp. IT manages the orginal arma 2 demo so so. Get around average 24 fps in bench mark.

For those who have been with arma2 since release...

Now i know with armed assault there was a huge performance increase between version one and 1.14 so I wondered, if i got Arma2: CO, would i be getting more FPS than in the original a2 demo (slow internet so can't dl arrowhead demo), if so roughly how much increase has it had?

Does arrowhead island run better than arma 2 island? Found alittle info on this but it was a bit inconsistent.

I know i can't run this great but if i can get another 5fps average vs the demo i might pick it up, otherwise will jus go back and play original flash point again for awhile, lol.


Nice to see the site running so well still and if you see this, hello Foxhound old friend! :)
I wonder if you ever found time to finish that, Counter strike mission or i'll bet you've been always to busy helping others with theirs, lol. Not learn't sqf yet either right?