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#105959 Posted at 2011-06-14 16:47        
i've been tryin to link arma 2 with arma 2 oa
i recently rebooted my pc
and installed arma 2 reinforcements / oa and arma 2
i did get arma 2 reinforcements & oa linked but i just cant link oa to arma 2
i am not very good at these things so i hope someone can give me a bit of an easy explanation
any help would be apreciated ..
would reinstalling the game in these order help or would my problem be solved then?
Step 1: Uninstall ArmA2 and OA. Make Backups of your Modfolders.
Step 2: Install ArmA2 and run it once.
Step 3: Install OA. When asked where to install to, install it into the same folder as ArmA2.
Step 4: Install BAF (if applicable)
Step 5: Install PMC (if applicable)
Step 6: Install the latest OA Patch (patches also A2 + BAF + PMC).