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#106120 Posted at 2011-06-18 04:50        
So I've been searching around trying to figure out how to build fixed wing aircraft in the vanilla OA CTI missions. I keep finding things about having to be the commander, and the commander should have a yellow "options" menu on his actions scroll where he can then upgrade the buildings in the base, thus making it possible to upgrade the air factory and enabling the construction of planes and the like at the airfields. Problem is, when I am the commander no such "options" menu appears, nor does any other option that allows me to upgrade my buildings. I can just build them and then that's it. End of the show. And I still can't build fixed wing aircraft in the CTI missions. What am I missing here?

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So over thirty people have viewed this topic, and it even garnered enough attention to be moved from one subforum to another by a moderator, but no one wants to help? Come on, anyone?

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