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Haulage Mod is a total conversion for ArmA 2 CO. As the name suggests the mod is based on European truck company's and aims to create an experience never before seen in the series.

Features planned so far (subject to change):
Over 10 famous company's from the UK and Europe (And yes Eddie Stobart is in the list)
20+ types of trucks
Custom buildings and objects
Custom European map including parts of the UK
Custom Scripts

The project will not be a quick or easy one and may not even be made for ArmA 2, it may be moved to ArmA 3 it will take that long. We are hoping to utilize the amazing interactive cockpit system from Take On someday for the trucks.
It will also have to fit into our work schedule and will be made alongside the other mods we are doing.

First preview:

HQ here

Help Needed!

We are in VERY bad need of someone who can build large islands, if you wish to help create such a large island please contact us!

We also need a skilled person who can help us with custom scripts for buildings and vehicles, things like doors and other effects.

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