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#107100 Posted at 2011-07-05 20:16        
hi guys i was wondering whats yer best/funniest/weirdest moments on arma lets all get together have a virtual coffe/tea whatever to your liking and sit down and talk. :D.

well me i made my own mission where it takes place on the map dbo afhanistan (on arma downloads if you want to get it) and well there was civillians in that mission and well i was freaked out at this my side about nearly 100 usmc men about ten vehicles including hummves m1als strykers m113s (enemy) taliban from the taliban pack about 50 of them and many turrets arrtilery to help them now like i said there were civillians about 30 on the map also from the taliban pack mind and well as soon as the guns started blazing the civillians got down like they almost always do and a min later the marines including me where about 20m from the city and the civilians picked up the dead talibans guns and began shooting at them and us!!!!! i later checked that they were on civilian side (they were) but then i realized also that the setting were independant went friendly to anyone it was cool though it turned in a triple fret match lol it also changed my perspective of civilians now on the game can anyone give me something more strange?

ps sorry for my lack of english im 14 yrs old and i would like to say sorry for any lack of punctuation in my writing

wow the army does alot to protect us you know? but the french clearly like having......rather perminent guest at the country but the guest are another countrys army!:-P :-P :-P :-P only joking my french people please dont take this in offense well have a laugh at someone else instead haha south sahrani is just shocking oh that one still kills me hahaha :-D :-D :-D