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#107107 Posted at 2011-07-05 20:51        
I was in a compound with a mate and we were on two roofs of two seperate buildings, a humvy (tow) flew past my left flank and I fired my M67 Dragon on him after locking, he was moving very fast at roughly <50m of my position as I fired the missile it flew behind him and missed then it arced up to the sky then spun round a blew the building up to my left which my friend was standing on, luckily he survived, funniest moment in arma EVAR!!! We were crying for 5mins non-stop after it happened. :-D

@pvt kilbur I think I recognise the name, I also think I was one of those 5 that you killed.... cant remember us banning you though.... it was a chernarus domi/evo if I remember correctly.... :-D

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