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#107195 Posted at 2011-07-07 00:25        
My funniest time was killing Viper in a COOP mission. It was at night time, very dark... and we were
surrounded by many enemy! they was liturally coming right in front of us popping out of allys etc
this map was (Fallujah) and I wasnt useing my night vision as the mission had flares shooting up
and all of a sudden here comes a guy running towards me out of the ally and I didnt think first! just
shot and thought id ask questions later! lol... it was Viper! and man he was pissed, haha...

The map was my own Operation Al-Fajr and really really is a good night mission. Sorry again Viper :-)

Second funnies time when I was a chopper pilot on another COOP server. Transporting a load
of guys to the main objective on Domi, and just dropping them off along came a tank which starting
to rip them up like anything! they was in cover and needed support very quickly but we didnt have
it, though here I was in my chopper and couldnt do anything! so... I thought sod this ill use the
chopper as a weapon I came down really close to the tank and well kind of landed on it slowely
(i seen my health of the tank slowly decreasing) until finally boom! took out the tank, saved my
team mates, and died a hero! lol.

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