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#107296 Posted at 2011-07-08 18:55        
# AstroMan : A couple of funny moments happened in Zargabad Life.I'm at the Mosque to get some money. I started talking to another civ making deals and stuff, A cop comes up and tells us to put our hands on our heads. we did and he checked the other guy first then some random knocks the cop unconscious. That civ runs of and the guy i was talking to picks up the cops gun and runs into the Mosque, i follow and so does the cop. We all end up on the roof running around in circles.

Knowing that he(the cop) couldn't do anything, he yells, "GIRONIMO" runs to the edge of the roof and steps over the edge killing himself.
The other civ and i stair at each other and crack up laughing.
The game ended in a typical fashion of a hacker sending everyone to prison and then blowing us all up.

LOL, Gotta hate hackers :(